Kim Calhoun

Kim’s introduction into the world of writing and visual storytelling started with a pain. She poured her soul onto the page after her father passed away when she was five years old. The page became her safe place, her therapist, her best friend.

As time passed, her life collided with Almighty God, and He took her words and taught her how to write to create messages of hope, healing, and salvation through spoken word poetry, photography, and video.

In 2012, I met the man who would eventually become her husband. He brought his guitar and innovations to her world of words and visual arts. God merged their gifts, and he joined her when she share spoken word poetry at events. They have travelled to many states and cities with her pen, his guitar, their camera gear, and all of God.

She has always loved documenting life. She believes photography and video should be presented as visual poetry. She feels the power of imagery the same way she feels the power of words. 

When she is not writing, spitting poetry, shooting photography, or creating visual poetry, she teaches writing to college freshmen, or Bible studies to eager students of the Word of God.