Eva Tracy

IMG_4959Eva Earls Tracy is an award winning singer and actress who lives in New Orleans with her husband and three children. She majored in Drama and received her B.A. from Loyola University.

Blessed: A Spiritual Journey is her first book. It is a collection of short stories that tell about her spiritual journey that she has been on since she was a little girl. The first story in the collection, “The Journey”describes the experience she had when she was struck by lightening inside her home at the age of five. The lightening bolt took her on a journey where she saw part of hell, the outskirts of heaven, and her encounter with Jesus. She prays that Blessed will help others find peace and joy on their spiritual path.

She is also working on a series of children’s books entitled The Adventures of Finn McDougal about a five year old boy and his adventures with his eight brothers and sisters.