Lindsey, Terry (Pastor)

Terry A. Lindsey has spent 35 years as an Engineer and Project Manager in various parts of the world. In parallel, he has spent 20 years and counting as a Local Pastor. He has discovered that retirement is really a new opportunity to utilize an enormous amount of discretionary time. After all, one can only hunt, fish, travel and spoil grandchildren so long before another outlet is needed to make a difference in this world. He retired from his secular job in 2013, taught at a technical school for another 3 years and continues to share the Word as the Spirit has guided him through life’s journey. He started to write weekly blogs in 2015 and that led to his first book called “Sticks and Stones” which is a dystopian view of where we could go in the future without the Word. His second book called “Flicker of Promise” is a follow up on characters just briefly introduced in his first book. Communication in our modern society has evolved to the point where his fear is that eventually we become products of the “machine” only valuable for our function to maintain a utopic non-verbal world. Will we become slaves as a result of our efforts to avoid conflict? His third book called “A Chime in Time” takes a look at his family’s past to reflect on life’s purpose as if measured by the ticks of a clock into our future. His fourth book is being published one episode at a time called “Brevynym-A Look into T”