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M J Miller

M. J. Miller has served as a missionary and teacher both internationally in Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and locally in conferences, lectures and study groups. She is also a beekeeper and incorporates her experiences with the bees into her teaching, and now her book, Life Lessons from the Hive. She currently resides in Tennessee.


M. J. Miller takes us safely into the world of the honey bee, a world that is spectacular, magnificent and is direct evidence of an all mighty God and His creations. –Keith Elrod, President Rutherford County Beekeepers Association, 2014 Tennessee Beekeepers Association Beekeeper of the Year

Life Lessons From the Hive spoke volumes to me as I read it. M. J. has taken her love of bees and her love for her Heavenly Father and woven them into a beautiful book full of advice, instruction, and encouragement. –Cherie Jobe Speaker, Life Coach and Author of Secrets From Behind the Chair and Surviving the Bad Hair Days

The way M. J. has compared the body of Christ to the workings of the beehive is brilliant. The perfect order for the beehive is exactly how the body of Christ should operate, everyone doing their part for the ultimate good. The bees ultimate goal is to care for the queen while a Chris-tian s ultimate goal is to care for the Kingdom and she has hit this principle on the nail…. I love the comparison of the protective gear while in the apiary and your armor of God while in the working field in the lost world. And the way that yard tools are important is the same as making sure the Christian is fully equipped with their tools i.e. reading the Bible and praying and fellowship. Definitely a pleasant comparison. Great whether you are an experienced beekeeper, not a beekeeper at all or a Christ-follower this devotional has something for everyone. –Rev. Jonathan Osterhaus, President Duck River Beekeepers Association

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