Roland W Keith

Roland Keith began writing after retiring from the Navy in 2015. He believes we should strive to learn from each other by sharing our thoughts and ideas. As a writer, his goal is to help other seekers of truth to find and grow in Christ.

He is the author of two books:

GATHER AT THE RIVER: A BIBLICAL STUDY OF BAPTISM AND SALVATION is a study of the history of baptism within a biblical context, based on The Lord’s commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and the apostle Peter’s sermon (Acts 2:38-39). Every serious Bible student and teacher would do well to add it to their list of source materials on the subject. Many believe that our understanding of baptism has been a common one throughout the history of the church, when in fact it has been a bone of contention for centuries. So, in accordance with the commission of Jesus (Matthew 28:19-20), and the apostle Peter’s sermon (Acts 2:38-39), baptism was both a commission issued to the Lord’s followers and a command given to those who desired to come to Him for salvation. Certainly, baptism does not stand on its own; in fact, when separated from faith and other elements of God’s plan, it accomplishes nothing. However, it is just as certain it has a place in the plan, and cannot be ignored. Knowing these things, the question then becomes what is the correct view of baptism?

THE SWORD IN THE PULPIT are sermons that represent a part of the author’s spiritual growth. He found it a great pleasure in writing them and trusts they will be an edifying and enjoyable time for readers.