Writing to Honor God

Our motive for writing is simply this: we want you to enjoy… 1 John 1:4, The Message Bible

Teena Myers

Teena Myers

Teena Myers

Teena L Myers is the author of three books and several short stories. Her short story, “Elohiym’s Words”,  was a best seller on Amazon Shorts before Amazon abandoned the program. She is Vice Chairman of the Southern Christian Writers Guild, a freelance writer, editor of NOLA.com’s Faith, Beliefs and Spirituality blog, certified Belief Therapist, credentialed minister with the Assemblies of God and member of the Northshore Literary Society. Teena worked in Children’s Church, Christian Television and taught Sunday School before she found her niche in writing.  She lives on the west bank of New Orleans with her husband who has ministered to children for thirty years. Learn more about Teena at her blogs: Faith, Beliefs and Spirituality ; Personal Blog ; You Tube


High Resolution Front Cover_6165305Teena Myers discovered her talent for writing while developing children’s church and Sunday school curricula. Time and again, friends and members of her church told her she should try to get her writing published. When she took their advice, she discovered Christian publishing was, paradoxically, dominated by a secular, profit-driven philosophy.

Publishing’s New Frontier is Myers’ inspirational recounting of her search for a publishing house more interested in faith and content than cash and business success.

Along the way, Myers receives some unconventional training in a secular writers’ group that includes Christians, agnostics, atheists, and a witch. She discovers a Christian writers’ guild with a focus on encouraging writers, as well as how fast she can create a manuscript when a publisher expresses interest in her ideas. She is met with generosity and skeptics, finds success with a publisher other writers maligned, and learns what to do when a priest forgets to pay for your book.

Lighthearted, often poignant, and always sincere, Publishing’s New Frontier reminds Christian writers their true purpose in writing is not to make money but rather to inspire, instruct, comfort, and honor God.


Finding Faith Hi Resolution ImageLook for Finding Faith in the City Care Forgot 

(No longer in print. A few copies are still available from the author.)

“I found my stride the day popular Bible teacher Anna Donahue repeatedly came to my attention. She became the subject of my first profile, Who is Anna Donahue? I outlined her journey from broadcasting news to broadcasting the love of God. An unshakable name occurred more than once. Pastor Anthony Marquize, who was running for the United States House of Representatives, came to my attention three times in one day. I already had a list of people waiting for me to write their story and opted not to contact him. Before the week ended, I met him at a minister’s fellowship and relented. His story left me in awe. He lost the election but gained something greater. Finally, I denied multiple invitations to Dr. Kathy Baker’s Interfaith Bible study before a friend convinced me to attend. Dr. Baker’s story, A Shiny Pebble, gave me more than fodder for a book. She became a cherished friend.

Friends were a rich resource of remarkable stories. Jeremy Quintini, a lively child in my husband’s children service, fulfilled a 100-year-old prophecy in a foreign nation. Pamela Binnings Ewen’s struggle to find a faith compatible with reason produced credible evidence that the gospel stories can be trusted. George Zanca disqualified himself from pastoral ministry, but God did not. Mark McLean stared out his office window in the World Financial Center at the aftermath of the first plane’s collision with  the Twin Towers. He looked up to witness the second plane heading for his office.

I entertained the idea of compiling the stories into a book in response to an atheist’s challenge. “Teena, I don’t care what God did thousands of years ago in the lives of shepherds. Tell me what God is doing today,” he said. The idea sat simmering on the back burner for a long time. I was busy and planned to do it another day. That day came when friend and fellow writer Rebecca Gernon nagged me into presenting the idea to an agent at a writer’s conference. The agent’s interest was unexpected. His request to see the manuscript forced me to write one. He later declined the project, and I laid my rejected work at God’s feet. “If you want this to be published,” I prayed, “give me a publisher.” Obviously, he did.


bestfriendLook for “Burger King” by Teena L Myers in the gift book series The Best Friend in the World, (Howard Books) a story of true friendship.

“I stomped out of the church. Threw the clipboard on the backseat of my car and slammed the door. Enough was enough, I fumbled in my purse for Advil and swallowed two, before speeding out of the parking lot.

“How dare they fire me!” I grumbled…………..


trueloveLook for “Something for Me” by Teena L Myers in the gift book  How I Met My True Love, (Xulon Press),  a story about finding love God’s way.

My morning devotion was the story of Samuel and Saul’s first meeting. God told Samuel, “About this time tomorrow I will send you a man…” Captivated by the method God used to change the course of Saul’s life, I relaxed to meditate. God directed Saul’s path to Samuel through a very ordinary way: a servant suggested that they visit Samuel.

The following Sunday, as I walked through the church foyer, a woman stopped me. I was surprised she knew my name and that I taught Sunday school. She also knew where I lived, which made me apprehensive, but I continued to listen……………………..


A Reason to BelieveA Reason to Believe is a “grand teaching tour” of the nature and meaning of faith that gives a good reason to examine our faith and question whether we possess the one true faith “once for all delivered to the saints.” Abraham’s model give the reader full understanding of how true faith and true foibles can coexist in us all-too-humans, and how grace alone enables us to walk as over-comers despite those flaws, sins and weaknesses to which “the flesh” is heir. From beginning to end you will be challenged  to “love and good deeds” done on truly spiritual bases, rather than in the fleshly spirit of works-righteousness.

(No longer in print.)

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