Troy Louis

Troy entered the world at one and half pounds with little chance to live. He survived to grow up in New Orleans with two brothers and three sisters. He gave his life to Christ in his teenage years. The Bible is the first book he read from cover to cover. The experience lead him to serve in different mtroy louisinistries. He taught a men’s Bible study in 2010 about Jesus lap being the place to go when life takes you on a roller coaster. Eight years later, the content of that study became Sitting on Jesus’s Lap.

Sitting on Jesus Lap


The purpose of this book is to let the world know what to do when they are crying out for help. Help is a word that is being used more and more, without any accountability or action. Maybe a hundred years ago people were reluctant to ask for help, while now the outcries for help are much greater.

What is going on in today’s society that’s causing this cry for help to be used so often? Is it just a common word that people use so freely? Or is it because we have an extremely high out cry for help from all the problems we have on earth. Is anyone listening? Does anyone care? Is it doing me any justice? Or is the cry for help being taken in vain?

Sometimes we cry out while hoping it is just a bad dream, only to realize that we all need help at some point in our lives. I am hoping this book blesses you and will be used as a tool to help you during your life trials.