Finish Happy

BY Ingrid Green Adams

In the middle of the night,

Will your world be all right?

If death comes your way,

What will you do or say?

Well I don’t know about you,

But I know what I’m gonna do,

Gonna finish happy you see,

This world won’t owe anything to me,

Because long ago I learned what to do,

Started living right and caring for others too.

See I’ve been preparing for this very night,

So all in my world would be all right.

No death will not frighten me,

Because my life will serve as my legacy.

All of the good things I’ve done and good things that I’ve said,

Yes they will surely, surely follow me after I am dead.

I struggled and suffered so much long, long ago,

Tried to absorb as much pain and as much sorrow,

To help ease your troubled troubled mind,

As in this world much trouble you will find,

But you must learn to give your trouble trouble too,

By believing and serving the Lord that’s what you do.

Simply learn to treat others right,

And try to never argue, fuss or fight.

Just ask the Lord to show you the way,

And get down on your knees and pray,

So when your middle of the night will appear,

And old man death comes a calling my dear,

Don’t be afraid, do exactly what I’m about to do,

Thank God for a life well lived and finish happy too!

INGRID GREEN ADAMS is a published author, consultant, instructor and Motivational speaker. She is the Poetry Fellowship leader of the Southern Christian Writers Guild of Gretna, La

She is available for presentations and other activities upon request. You may  reach her at (504) 273-9959 or through e-mail at:

Please visit her website: for details.

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