Writing to Honor God

"Those who honor me I will honor" 2 Samuel 2:30

Home Again

A friend gave me Ingrid’s phone number. She had just published a book of poetry and my friend thought I might be interested in writing Ingrid’s spiritual journey. I was. … Continue reading

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Island Gardenia

Abby lived alone and worked as a waitress when Randy, an old acquaintance walked into the restaurant for dinner. Abby had dated Randy when they were teenagers. The absence of a … Continue reading

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A Three Way Debate

Christianity is a religion that teaches its adherents to love one another. Within the church, I’ve found a roller coaster of love and quarreling, but so did Jesus. I continue … Continue reading

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Dance With Jesus

Susan Mead, author of Dance with Jesus and founder Dance With Jesus Ministries and His Girls Gather , addresses the Southern Christian Writers Guild.

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Blogging Advice 007

Originally posted on BeaFree:
Disclaimer: I’m not a blogging expert but I have given out quite a bit of advice on blogging. Although not an expert in the slightest on…

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Southern Christian Writers Guild Announces a New Chapter Opening on the South Shore

Interested in writing? Unsure if this is your talent? Need the advice and support of other writers? The Southern Christian Writers Guild, a fellowship of Christian writers, has been meeting … Continue reading

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A Gift From God

Adam opened eyes to white walls and the sanitized smell of a hospital. His elbow, shoulder, knee and ankle were broken. Six ribs were broken in three places and both … Continue reading

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Publishing’s Wild West

While my manuscript for Finding Faith (no longer in print) was being prepared for publication, I received an invitation to be on a writer’s workshop panel titled “From a Great … Continue reading

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SCWGuild Writers Devotion

Christian writers’s devotion given my SCWGuild member Tim Bolt.

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Reflections on Suffering

There must be a reason for all the suffering in the world and I reasoned that the reason is hidden in Job. Who has suffered more than Job? Well. . … Continue reading

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