Down in the Dumps, Discouraged

rejectedI haven’t been rejected by an agent or publisher for weeks, primarily because I haven’t  been submitting any queries.  Yesterday I decided to meet my weekly quota and  submit 5 queries.
I said to my husband, “I guess I’ll select 5 agents who will reject me.”
He said, “Isn’t that what you always do? Why don’t you submit to agents  who will accept your novel?”
If only it was that easy.
I have submitted over 100 queries in the past 14 months. I’m sure that number is not worthy of being in the Guinness Book of World records, but it is a record for me.
cootie I feel like I did when I was a child playing Cootie. No matter how many times I rolled the dice, I could not roll a one and a two, which would allow me to select a Cootie body and head. By the time I rolled the  needed 1 and 2, my opponent would have almost completed assembling their Cootie.
I am now mulling over my options:
1. Hire an editor.
2. Rewrite my query letter.
3. Shorten my novel, again.
4. Have writers I respect give me feedback on my novel and query letter.
5. Self publish, not a good option for me as marketing is even more difficult than if I was traditionally published or
6. Give up.
As a Christian writer, I need to pray about these options. Perhaps my novel is not how God wants me to use my writing talents. I’ve had success with nonfiction articles, stories, and even a book (Amy Signs, Gallaudet University 2012) but none with fiction.
help smileyHELP ME: How do you know what you are writing pleases God? How has he answered you? Does lack of publication mean God is not pleased with our writing? Are you, like me, feeling discouraged. Share your experiences here to encourage me and other Christian writers.
Deuteronomy 31:8 The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you or forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.

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