The Dog Days of Summer

dog star

By Rebecca Gernon

The Dog Days of summer are here. These hot, humidity-laden  days  are named after the dog star, Sirius, which is in the night sky during this time of year.  Worthless information I know, but who knows, it might be the Final Jeopardy question one day.

The heat of the Dog Days is exhausting. Even Spot the Wonder Dog our rescued mutt knows this. Instead of running full-bore for an hour outside chasing a tennis ball while my husband and I relax in our swimming pool, Spot stops after a dozen chases. She drinks water and sits in the shade. Ten minutes later she is back at it, but this time five-or six chases are enough. She then returns to her water and cool shade. After a third or fourth set of ball chasing, she stands by the door, ready to return to the air-conditioned house.

Jesus-restAre you in the Dog Days of your writing? Are you exhausted, frustrated, unable to sell anything, can’t find an agent or publisher? Then do what Spot and our Lord Jesus Christ did. Take a break. Retreat to a quiet place. Refresh yourself with his Word.  Sit beside the still waters with Him.  He has promised us that his yoke is easy and his burden is light. Take off the yoke of this world that seeks to drag us into despair and hopelessness.

Take a break from the chore of writing.  (Yes, writing is both a pleasure and chore.) Use the time away from your writing for prayer, contemplation, and rest. Jesus could not work without getting tired, and neither can we. Seek the Father’s guidance.  Let Him guide you through this hot, dry spell in your prayer

Return to your writing after your rest, be it hours, days, or weeks later. Remember, God is in control.

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