Skill for Everyday Living

By Jamie Trisler

More and more, my heart’s desire is to obtain skill for everyday living. In pursuit of this, my hands reach for a copy of the Scripture and my fingers turn to the pages of the book of Proverbs. King Solomon is credited for writing 3,000 proverbs (1 Kings 4:32), concise true statements of instructions and life observations, some of which are found in this book.
King Solomon wrote for the benefit of others and his purpose was multifaceted:

To know wisdom and instruction,
to understand words of insight,

to receive instruction in wise dealing,
in righteousness, justice, and equity;

to give prudence to the simple,
knowledge and discretion to the youth—

Let the wise hear and increase in learning,
and the one who understands obtain guidance,

to understand a proverb and a saying,
the words of the wise and their riddles (Proverbs 1:2-6).

King Solomon was known for his wisdom (1 Kings 4:30-31). How did he get all of his wisdom? He asked God for it (2 Chronicles 1:9-12). I have Proverbs to help me with my quest for wisdom but I also have this promise, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him” (James 1:5). There is no greater resource than God for obtaining skill for everyday living, i.e. wisdom.

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