A Step of Faith

Sam had fought difficult spiritual battles in two churches. Wounded and weary, he opened two businesses to support his family. As he rested from ministry and healed, God tugged at his heart to start a church in New Orleans. Then a pastor of a large church opened a new door to ministry, until the time for Sam to move south arrived. The pastor knew Sam’s experience in ministry and wanted him to pastor a small country church. Sam agreed with the understanding he would leave when the door of ministry opened in New Orleans.

Two years later, Sam the church had grown to an average membership of ninety. Then he received a call from the New Orleans presbyter. An empty parsonage was available to rent if Sam wanted to live there while he planted a church.

Sam and Angie had talked about moving to New Orleans for three years. The door had finally opened, but he still needed the means. He began selling the equipment to his concrete business to prepare for the move. The fruit smoothie business did not have tangible assets, but he had worked hard to build his customer base that added $20,000 annually to his income. He was reluctant to drop it and took the matter to God.

While making a delivery to one of his customers, she said, “I am always looking for business opportunities. If you hear about a good one, let me know.”

The Holy Spirit whispered to Sam, “This is your opportunity. Give the pitch.”

 “Maybe you would like to buy my business,” said Sam.

 “Are you selling it?”

 “If you are buying it, I am.”

 Sam and Angie met with the woman and her husband to give them the numbers. They walked out of the meeting with a check for $20,000.

 Sam hired a company that provided an eighteen-wheeler he could pack, and the company would drive it to the new destination. Sam and his family worked all week loading the truck. When the truck rolled out of the yard, he had not told Angie all he had left was $20, and they had five days to get to New Orleans and unload the truck or they would lose everything they owned.

 Sam watched the truck disappear in the distance thinking he was really walking by faith, or the biggest fool who ever lived. He had been advertising a trailer for sale for weeks without serious inquiries. That afternoon, a man living in North Carolina called about the trailer. If Sam would meet him at the state line of North and South Carolina, he promised to bring cash. Sam was reluctant. He barely had enough fuel to make the round trip and didn’t want to get stranded. “Unless you falsified the picture and description, I will have the cash,” the man assured Sam. Sam returned home with $3500 cash and told Angie to finish loading the car, so they could drive to New Orleans.

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