Is That All

Teena Myers
SCW Chair

Sandy’s mother picked her up at the terminal. On their way home, she told her mother about the rainbow she saw and how she heard God tell her everything would be alright.  

“Sandy, you’ve been born again.”  

“What does God expect me to do now?” 

“You stop sinning and go to church,” her mother affirmed. 

Sandy attended church and sought God for direction. The guidance she needed came when Sandy met a friend for coffee to discuss if she should return to her entertainment career. Her friend said, “Sandy, it doesn’t matter what you do. God will never leave you or forsake you.” 

Longing to sing again, Sandy contacted the cruise lines to see if she could return. The company assigned her to a different ship as a principal entertainer and tripled her salary. Sandy was thrilled, except for the nagging guilt that returning to her career had offended God.  

The first night on the ship, Sandy’s smile hid the torment raging within her as she introduced passengers at the captain’s cocktail party. Thoughts that she had willingly returned to a den of iniquity and now destined for hell whipped her mercilessly until she panicked. Sandy looked down the line of passengers and spotted a woman she had seen at embarkation wearing a large cross. She asked the woman, “Do you know Jesus?” 

“I sure do, honey.” Mary put her arm around Sandy’s shoulder and steered her to the woman’s restroom. She listened quietly as Sandy shared her born-again experience and her fear that she had sinned when she returned to her career. Mary comforted Sandy and assured her of God’s love.  

For the next five years, Sandy traveled to Hollywood in between tours on the cruise ship, seeking fame. Her dream eluded her until the Hilton Hotel in New Orleans hired her Jazz trio. The gig lasted eight years.  

During that season of her life, Sandy’s desire to open shows for famous entertainers found its fulfillment. She opened for The Commodores, Al Hirt, Pete Fountain, and then Bob Hope’s agent called Sandy’s agent. He needed a singer with a girl-next-door image to open for Bob Hope. Sandy had already prepared to be an opening act for a superstar by paying arrangers to write big band charts for her alto voice. Her advance preparations qualified her for the job.  

When the big night arrived, an aide escorted Sandy to her dressing room. The star on her dressing room door made her heart leap for joy. Her personal pianist and bass player accompanied her onto the stage, where a forty-piece orchestra awaited her arrival. She smoothed her $500 gown, surveyed the audience of four thousand, and began her fifteen-minute warm-up for Bob Hope. She sang for thirty minutes. Bob Hope was late. Sandy walked off the stage feeling God had showered his love upon her. 

Overwhelmed with gratitude that God had made her a star, she returned to the empty auditorium clad in jeans and sneakers to savor her fame. Instead of recapturing the moment, she stood on a dark stage feeling loneliness and said, “God, is that all there is?” 

The sweet voice of the Holy Spirit whispered, “That’s all there is. Will you let me be the superstar in your life, Sandy?”  

This time Sandy abandoned her entertainment career to seek the fulfillment in following Jesus and traveled as an evangelist for many years. 

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  1. Good read. Not sure I like the idea that cruise ships are dens of sin….seems everyplace qualifies as that.




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