Grace Notes

Grace Booth’s notes for the August 21, 2021 Southern Christian Writers meeting. Join us at 10:30 a.m. in the Gospel Bookstore, 91 Westbank Expressway, Gretna LA or Join us on ZOOM (email for Zoom access.

INSPIRATION                                                                     Grace G. Booth  8/21/21

What is it? What is its source? How do I tap into it?


Although it is considered to be one of two things—tracing its impact one can see both!

1. DIVINE  (as in the inspiration given to those who penned the Bible)

2. NATURAL ( Many have a natural instinct or gifting for writing and their words flow

                     across the page.)  This too is divine in that it is a gift from God.

Our creative God is the source of inspiration although many “natural things” can bring

its force into our lives to enliven and sharpen our ability to express feelings and thoughts

in a permanent way on the printed page.

Ways to tap into its pulse, its energy and quickening:

1. In the presence of any passion expressed, one can feel the energy and be moved almost

    instantly. Personally, I can remember listening to my pastor preach and feel the need

    to grab an envelope, a bulletin, anything on which to write the ideas that had begun to


2. Various forms of creativity spark inspiration but in a variety of ways. 

    Through art of many forms: museum displays featuring different media, musical        

    concerts, beauty in the tour of gardens with texture, color, size, and form all taken

    into creating a masterpiece. Inspiration can be seen in culinary creations plated

    to please the eye and not just pleasing the palate.

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