Partial Knowledge

by Teena Myers

Follow Me: Deliverance

Observations as I follow God through the Chronological Bible

Exodus 3:16-20

Having defined who Moses is and who God is, God defined the plan. Moses will go to Egypt with a message from God for the elders. The elders will believe Moses. Moses and the elders will go to Pharaoh with a common request made in Pharaoh’s courts.[1] Give us a leave of absence to hold a festival to our God. Pharaoh will deny their request. God will perform wonders in the land of Egypt that proves his existence beyond a shadow of doubt. After that, Pharaoh will let them go.

Moses departed for Egypt with a clear purpose. He knew what to do and how the people would respond. He also knew what God would do and how God would respond. He did not have to guess or wonder what to do. He did not have every detail of how God’s plan would be accomplished, but he had a key element of true faith – partial knowledge.

I have met people stumbling through ministry instead of fulfilling a clearly defined plan. They create a lot of pain in the lives of God’s people. Many are following their own ambition and they come to bitter ends. I have also met people with clearly defined plans from God. One pastor had a five-year plan based on the growth of a tree. He was in year four. Every point on that plan had been fulfilled exactly as God defined it.

If you are in ministry today and don’t have a clue what will happen next, you may want to consider who put you in ministry – God or your own desire.

[1] Exploring Exodus by Nahum M Saran Pages 55-56

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