The Unusual in the Common

By Teena Myers 

Follow Me: Deliverance

Observations as I follow God through the Chronological Bible 

Exodus 3:1-6 

God is faithful. He swore an oath to keep the promises he made to Abraham and his seed (Jesus). Moses was key to moving his people further down the path to their destiny, but they rejected him. Decades of doing Egypt’s dirty work, and the genocide of their male children, prompted them to cry for God’s help. When God heard their cry, he went to Midian to talk to Moses.

Forty years had elapsed since Moses’ first attempt to deliver them from Egypt’s abuse. This former son of Pharaoh, at one time mighty in word and deed[1], rejected Egypt’s ways to tend sheep on the backside of a desert. His desire to fulfill God’s plan for his life died, but the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable.[2] 

There were a lot of ways God could have spoken to Moses. He could have walked into his tent, or appeared to him in a dream, or thundered a command from the heavens. He chose a burning bush. Bushes bursting into flames were a common sight in the area. Bushes aflame without being consumed were not. 

God waited until Moses saw the unusual in a common sight and stopped to investigate. Moses’ decision to investigate brought him into the presence of God. When God saw he had Moses’ attention, the deliverance of his people from Egypt’s power began with a man who rejected Egypt, only to be rejected by his own people and had no hope of fulfilling his destiny. 

[1] Acts 7:22

[2] Romans 11:29

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