Stay One Hundred Proof


BY Ingrid Green Adams

Stay one hundred proof, stay one hundred proof that’s what you do I say,

Stay one hundred proof, stay one hundred proof and don’t you ever stray.

Just be you and take you wherever you may go,

It doesn’t matter what they say just let the whole world know,

That you matter, that’s right; so let your voice be heard,

Don’t settle for second best don’t listen to a single word.

Don’t ever compromise your dream, oh no now don’t you dare!

Because others won’t support your vision oh no they just don’t care

Never water down yourself because someone can’t handle

You at one hundred proof,

They will try with all of their might to stop you in your youth.

They will try to dilute your mind with talks causing doubts and fear,

As you seem to get oh so closer to your victory oh yes my dear.

Just keep your head up high and keep moving right along,

Don’t listen to their intoxicating talk you just stay strong,

And soon oh yes one day soon my friend you will surely see,

By staying one hundred proof your dream has become your reality.

Ingrid Adamsp1473363762INGRID GREEN ADAMS is a published author, consultant, instructor and Motivational speaker. She is the Poetry Fellowship leader of the Southern Christian Writers Guild of Gretna, La

She is available for presentations and other activities upon request. You may  reach her at (504) 273-9959 or through e-mail at:

Please visit her website: for details.











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