Miracle in Bethlehem

By  Russell MacClaren 

God stirred the spark till it grew warm,
And stoked a fire behind still eyes,
Then breathed into a human form
The breath that fills the starry skies.

So from an ancient realm His soul
Was forged into a mortal shell,
And thus began His promised role,
Upon this earth to dream and dwell.

A mother, fresh as virgin snow,
Was chosen for the humble birth,
To ease His passage here below
And help Him right the wrongs of earth.

The heralds of this happening,
The Lord’s sweet music did prolong.
On shepherd feet and angel wing,
They lent their voices to the song:

“Emmanuel, the Lord of Light,
A wanderer in this dark land,
Has come to give the blind their sight
And help deaf ears to understand.

“His Kingdom is not of this Earth
but lives within the heart of man.
He bowed to show each soul its worth
and bring to pass the God’s holy plan.

Russell MacClaren is the managing editor at Beneath the Rainbow. Connect with Ray on Facebook


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