The Master Potter’s Christmas

By Russell MacClaren 

Tonight the world is new again.
His star, a Father’s gift,
hangs from vaulted ceiling,
shining on a manger scene.

Porcelain kings
lead the world
to a cradle
in the straw.

Stone angels
proclaim the miracle
from atop a radio
and from perches
on the shelves of books…

Ceramic shepherds
by the lighted tree
bow in wonder
at the glory
and the innocence.

Fragile sheep attend.
Doves coo from the eaves.
The farm house fills
with lowing of distant cattle.

From the tiny stall
a child’s glow
surrounds the world,
and hearts are light once more.

Russell MacClaren  is the managing editor at Beneath the Rainbow. Connect with Russel on Facebook.

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