The Mirror to Our Souls

Ingrid Adamsp1473363762
Ingrid Green Adams, SCW Poetry Fellowship

by Ingrid Adams

When you look at me what do you see as you gaze into my eyes?

Now  think  please or shall I put your mind at ease until you realize?

The eyes are the mirror to our souls they are more precious than gold,

Yes eyes tell the story about our life, yes they unfold all of our strife,

They expose all of our hurt and all of our pain.

The eyes reveal our triumphs and uncover every teardrop stain,

That has pierced our tender hearts and exposed the sorrow we have fought

long ago that can only be revealed through our eyes so, the fact remains

through bouts of lost and gains our eyes say how we feel,

yes even when we try to run away no matter what we do or say,

the truth our eyes will always steal,

and lock it  away until on some other day we are focused to face it again,

as we stand hand and hand dealing with challenges created by man,

so pay attention to me because I hope finally yes I hope you can understand,

What I’ve tried to say just think about it throughout your day,

And somehow you will accept it all as a part of the Master’s plan.

It’s not in the things we say but the true story is told this way,

Through our eyes, the mirror to our souls

Take it from me the truth will set you free and through your eyes this

Truth shall unfold, if you want to know how someone feels about you look in their eyes

That’s what you do

And suddenly everything will become clear,

Because our eyes are the mirror to our souls my dear.

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