A Work in Progress


In the past I was a hot mess,

But now I’m a work in progress.

I was once blind but now I see,

The works the Lord bestowed on me,

Was not in vain, oh no indeed,

I’m passing it on to seed of my seed,

And that’s to love one another, don’t you know?

We must stick together and then we’ll all grow,

Together in love, peace and harmony,

For that’s the way He said it should be.

Our God up above is our hope for tomorrow,

He’s our all and all against all pain and all sorrow,

That’s why I say I once was a hot mess,

But now today I have found true happiness,

By being obedient and by trusting God totally,

That’s what He requires and truly asks of Thee.

So glad I finally gave in you know,

So full of joy and peace wherever I go.

No more hot mess, oh NO! Not for me,

I’m trusting in God now until all eternity.

Ingrid Adamsp1473363762
Ingrid Adams

Ingrid Adams, SCW Board Member At-Large and leader of the Poetry Fellowship has published twenty books of poetry.

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